About Us

In 2012 A&P Concrete & Pool LLC became a registered company in Northwest Arkansas. It's origins were actually created in 2009 when Armando and Pedro, two independent contractors were having difficulty staying busy as a result of the great recession. Armando, husband and a father of three wonderful children and Pedro, husband and also a father of three wonderful children had a natural attraction to each others work ethic.  They both are family men and share core values in life. They met in 2006 while performing concrete work for customers and for three years they created a bond around concrete.  When the economy got rough it was only natural to combine their resources to survive. Armando with over eleven years of concrete experience and being a great organizer in completing jobs on time is a great asset. Pedro being a third generation concrete worker with over 19 years of concrete experience with great communication skills has brought in more work for Armando than he has ever seen. One without the other wouldn’t have been able to make the company what it is today.